How to Adopt

Adoption is a really big deal to us! You're adding a member of our family to yours. The right home is more important to us than processing a large number of adoptions. As such you can expect the process to be thorough, yet simple.

Make it happen in 3 easy steps:
  1. Browse our companions or visit one of our adoption locations
  2. Completely fill out your application (Adopt a Dog / Adopt a Cat)
  3. Once processed, an HEA representative will contact you to discuss next steps
You can help to expedite the application process by:
  1. Filling out the application completely - missing information results in wait time
  2. Let your references know to expect our call
  3. If you rent, let your landlord know to expect our call
  4. Have your vet prepared to release records of your current pets
  5. Once you submit an application
    • Monitor all points of contact you've given us (cell-phone, work phone, home phone, e-mail - including your "junk e-mail bin")
    • Questions along the way? Please contact us.

We will contact you:
  1. If we need additional information
  2. If the animal(s) you applied for is adopted before we process your application
  3. With the result of your application

Processing Timeline

As you can see we take this pretty seriously. Applications will be processed in the order they are received. The timeline by which each application is approved varies depending upon how easy it is to reach your references, landlord, veterinarians, etc. Questions along the way? Please contact us.


If you are ready to open your heart and home to your next companion but you haven't yet met "the one," fill out an adoption application and read over the adoption agreement.

Adoption investment

Dogs: $225-$300 each
Cats: $125 each
Cats: (2 cats/kittens) $175 for pair

Prior to adoption, all of our companions receive the following:Dogs also receive:Cats also receive:We are excited that you're considering adoption. We look forward to working with you to find the right companion for you and your family!
Since our founding in 2006, we have seen great progress in the companion animal welfare world. Needless killing in shelters continues to decline. Organizations across the country are moving toward a no-kill measure. The agreed upon no-kill measure has been defined as a 90% live release rate. Our view is that 90% isn't enough. We are determined to see the day when the remaining 10% receive continued care and love too.

Innovative solutions are produced when killing is removed from the equation.
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