Animal Sanctuary Opens New Adoption Center

Source: AmeriLux News | August 2016

Sep. 1, 2016

The Happily Ever After (HEA) Animal Sanctuary new Adoption Center is nearly
finished. Located in Ashwaubenon, WI, the completely renovated building is 3,000 square feet - triple the size of their previous center. The new building gives HEA significantly more operating space, creating a completely different adoption experience for the community.

While the original building had good bones, a complete transformation was needed to fully accommodate HEA operations. The building was torn down to the studs and rebuilt from the ground up, including a new roof, siding, and windows. Warm and inviting "barn features" connect the building's interior to the architectural character of HEA's animal sanctuary located in Marion, WI.

There is no wasted space in this building's floor plan. The well thought out spaces are both effective and efficient: separate cat and dog areas, meet and greet rooms, a donation drop-off spot, onsite laundry, a pet shower, an education room, animal health services room, dedicated office and retail space, and a break room for the 130 plus HEA volunteers.

The new adoption center was designed and rebuilt around their four- legged friends needs - all made possible through the generosity of donors and more than 3,000 volunteer hours. A large percentage of the building's materials were donated by local individuals and companies, including the TRUSSCORETM PVC liner panels*.

Durable and easy to clean, TRUSSCORETM panels were used to line the bottom half of the walls in the community cat spaces and the dog area, adding a wainscot appearance to the rooms. The bright white finish of the panel helps to bounce light around the rooms, giving the spaces a more open feel. While the clean, simple lines of the TRUSSCORETM panel compliment the rustic accents nicely.

"Because the walls are cleaned often, the panel's high resistance to moisture was very important," said Marcus Reitz, HEA Branding and Development. "The TRUSSCORETM panels were simple to cut and install, allowing for customization where needed. They were also a cost-effective option to painted drywall."

Since its inception in 2006, Happily Ever After has helped more than 2,500 four-legged companion animals find forever homes. Having this new adoption center will enable this dedicated organization to continue its mission for years to come.

* AmeriLux International is proud to show its support of the Happily Ever After Animal Sanctuary. Together as a community, we can make a difference."
Since our founding in 2006, we have seen great progress in the companion animal welfare world. Needless killing in shelters continues to decline. Organizations across the country are moving toward a no-kill measure. The agreed upon no-kill measure has been defined as a 90% live release rate. Our view is that 90% isn't enough. We are determined to see the day when the remaining 10% receive continued care and love too.

Innovative solutions are produced when killing is removed from the equation.
2255 Fox Heights Lane
Green Bay, WI 54304

Walk-In Hours:
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Saturday & Sunday: 11a - 4p

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