What words describe Happily Ever After volunteers?

Heroes. Life Savers. Family. Difference Makers.

The Volunteer Experience consists of. . .In their words. . .

"Volunteering for HEA will change your life in unexpected ways. The satisfaction of helping animals in need is only a part of the experience. As a volunteer, I see how my work and input is directly shaping the future growth of the organization, and that's an incredible thing to be a part of."

- Lisa Parizek volunteer since 2010

"Happily Ever After is a place that makes a real difference and I am proud to be a part of that. Without a doubt there is work involved in volunteering, but seeing the animals happy, healthy and experiencing their unconditional love is the greatest reward you could ask for!

- Joellyn Lalko volunteer since 2011

Share Your Gifts

There are countless ways in which you can share your time and talents with Happily Ever After.

Working directly with the animalsOther ways you can helpThese opportunities exist in Green Bay, WI and Marion, WI.

Volunteering is a Commitment

Volunteers are incredibly important to the services Happily Ever After is able to offer. In order to provide a safe and consistent experience for the companion animals in our care, our volunteers, and the public we serve; the following is the commitment required in order to volunteer with Happily Ever After:*Volunteers under the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian present for any assigned shift.

Take Action

Finding the right place to share your time as a volunteer is no different than finding the right place to offer your skills in the workplace. We want to make sure it is a good fit for both of us. If you're interested, please take the time to review our Beliefs and Values. Are we aligned?Join us for our Volunteer Introduction where you'll learn what it means to be a part of the Happily Ever After family!
Since our founding in 2006, we have seen great progress in the companion animal welfare world. Needless killing in shelters continues to decline. Organizations across the country are moving toward a no-kill measure. The agreed upon no-kill measure has been defined as a 90% live release rate. Our view is that 90% isn't enough. We are determined to see the day when the remaining 10% receive continued care and love too.

Innovative solutions are produced when killing is removed from the equation.
2255 Fox Heights Lane
Green Bay, WI 54304

Walk-In Hours:
Monday - Friday: 6p - 8p
Saturday & Sunday: 11a - 4p

E5714 Bork Road
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Visit by appointment.